Pension Claims

Have you been mis-sold a SIPP?

Do you have a SIPP?

For many people pensions are confusing. However, in recent years the use of Self Invested Personal Pensions has just added to the confusion and opened up a host of companies allowing unregulated and often very high risk illiquid investments to be be held by non sophisticated clients. 

These products have paid secret commissions to both regulated and non regulated advisers. Commission has been banned by the regulators but the use of SIPP’s has meant that advisers could sell products designed for sophisticated clients and still receive a commission through the back door. Sometimes this is dressed up as a marketing fee but it’s still your money going to someone for doing very little. Sometimes it isn’t disclosed at all!

The types of funds or investments that would pay these commissions are unregulated and often totally inappropriate for most people. This is because they have high risk, little or no liquidity and usually invest in one type of asset without any diversification. 

On top of all this clients are exposed to foreign markets, political risk,currency risk and very little due diligence being carried out on the operators.

Many have gone into liquidation due to being badly thought out schemes and many have just been fraudulent.

Below is a brief overview of the types of investments people have lost money in. Its by no means exhaustive, however call us if you have any concerns about the contents of your SIPP.

Have you invested in any of the following via your SIPP?
Storage Pods
Green Oil Plantations
Harlequin Property
Ethical Forestry
Tailormade Investment
The Resort Group Oversea Property
Global Forestry
Cape Verde
Elysian Fuels
Parking Investments
Australian Farmland
Sustainable Agroenergy
Carbon Credits
Los Pandos
Freedom Bay
Rimondi Grande
SCS Farmland
Salina Seas
Walsall Burial Plots

Please call us now if you believe that you may have invested in any of the above investments via your SIPP.

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