About Us

At the core of our business is the financial services experience we have. So, although we may refer cases to solicitors and barristers to facilitate recovery action on your behalf, we are consulting with them all of the time so that you are fully compensated.

In recent years we have seen a number of financial scandals that have affected our clients wealth.

Our company is involved in the recovery of clients’ money through a strict "No Win No Fee" service (see below) that is regulated by The Claims management Regulator. So, whether you need to claim for a Pension or SIPP, Mortgage,Investment or PPI mis-sale we have the knowledge to guide you to recovery of your money.

Although our work involves a deep understanding of financial services, we also need to be able to refer complex cases to our Legal Panel of Solicitors and Barristers. This work is carried out on a "No Win No Fee" agreement of 25% plus VAT. (see below)

Certain claims that we run will be made to The Financial Ombudsmen Service (FOS) or The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

What is a "No Win No Fee" agreement?

The term "No Win No Fee" is used to mean the following:
  • You will not pay any fees if your claim is not successful.
  • A fee of 25% plus VAT will be payable on all successful claims.
  • A fee may be payable to cover our reasonable costs incurred if you cancel your claim after the 14 day cooling off period.
  • We will not ask you for any up front fees or costs.
  • Full details of our "No Win NoFee" agreement can be seen in the Terms and Conditions.
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