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Total Redress Services

Welcome to TRS, your experts in claiming for mis-sold mortgages and pensions.

We come from a strong financial services and compliance background, and are therefore well served to investigate your claim for a mis-sold pension or mortgage. 

We don't just gather your details and sell these on to a solicitor. We take the time to understand your situation, and to fully review what was done, and also what should have been done. 

This enables us to deal with certain claims in house. We also have a panel of solicitors who will handle some types of claim, knowing that if we say your claim appears valid, then it probably is.

Mortgages and pensions can be very complicated, which is probably why you sought advice in the first place. Sometimes this advice was not in your best interest. We aim to make your journey through your claim as simple as possible for you, whilst at the same time, getting to the heart of what went wrong.

Please call us on 01483 923661 to discuss your claim.

You can view our terms and conditions, our contract, and our complaints procedure by visiting the appropriate drop down page in our "Contact Us" section. 

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